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Bulk Text Messging, A Need Of This Instant World?


Everything we have today has an instant alternate, for example instead of making a coffee by first crushing the beans and then mixing and string it in a cup to an instant coffee maker. Another example will be that instead of posting a mail through postal service we use an instant method of emailing. This is because email reaches the concern person within fractions of seconds instead of waiting a decade for a post.

Therefore, how do you feel being a part of it? The world was not like this all the time, there were ages, which didnot have any of these technologies. If we look at it in a glance, then we can assume that living in this world is comparatively easier than the one before. That is for example in the old days; to be specific the Stone Age igniting fire was as a complicated and time taking task, because one had to firstly find the appropriate stone that were capable of igniting fire and then rubbing them together to produce the fire. Hence, it can be pertained that things before required patience and a lot of hard work in comparison what we do today. I am not saying that we don’t work nowadays, but in comparison to the other era yes we work less harder physically, but mentally we work more than them. Therefore, now we require things, which do work with minimum amount of time as well as efforts.

Take reading for example, before for reading a book you will have to travel all the way to a libraryand search a book, and then read it,or go to book store search a book buy it, and then read it. All of these things had less emphasis on reading itself and more the effort of reading, which is comparatively less now. For example, now all we have to do is download a book, read it and then delete it, this indicates that it is easier than it was before.

Okay now let us take the example of contacting people, in the older days everybody used pigeons, we all know that pigeons were used as postal workers before,but it took days for them to travel, after this came the postal services, which turned the number of days traveling limited to a few days. Finally, after the arrival of internet everything changed that is contacting people became a lot easier because now the messages were just a click away and it was less time consuming as well. This is because in the modern day with the help of mass text messaging services reaching large number of people is not only less time consuming, but very convenient and helpful. Therefore, being part of an instant world is way more fun than the old one, no offense to the generation before us because it was because their efforts that we reached here however I feel that both of the elements of old and new technology should be incorporated so that harmony can be maintained among the two systems.

2/15/2016 3:19:38 PM

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