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4 strong facts how bulk messaging Is beneficial?

strong facts for bulk messaging

Are you not satisfied with amount of your customer audience? Or feel your customer-ship is not sufficient according to your service and brand? If you’ve just established your business and want to volunteer your customers and get them involved in your activities then you need to have good marketing tactics, rhetoric style, and influential tone, yet not enough? Ok then, go for bulk text messaging service.

This type of messaging is the best tool to enhance the bulk of your target audience as it is the distribution of massive SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. It is used by academic institutions such as university, college, coaching centers, media companies, banks, and consumer brands for entertainment and mobile marketing.

The purpose of sending bulk messages is to inform, alert, remind, and entertain customers with exciting offers, current news, quizzes etc. It is a source of communication between both staff and members. Don’t assume it would be sent from mobile to mobile, there is particular software for sending bulk messages do you know how it works?

Sending messages via software?

send messages via software

Yes, bulk messages are sent through software that is especially developed for it. It allows the users to add as many numbers as they want and they are managed in different ways using whether CSS or TXT files. They automatically remove that numbers which are not registered or if they are fake/duplicate.

Now many different packages have been introduced in software systems, I heard one service offering these messages isIMsgExpert, it is amazing, my friend is their permanent customer as she runs her boutique, one day she sent me message direct with her boutique name and surprised me as I haven’t saved her official number, she told me that she uses mass messaging service, the messages are sent directly by name, no need for any code. I like it!

Anyhow, the benefit of sending message via advanced software is, you just need to fix your date and time on which you want to deliver it to your customers both on global map and within the region will get the message on that day. The other reasons for sending bulk messages are following;

Strong Reasons for Sending bulk Messages


  • Bulk messaging is useful for contacting customers or advising employees about any disruption in your service.
  • To inform students about any cancellation of class, makeup class, or change in schedule, time table etc.
  • It is helpful in making official or staff announcements, informs customers about delay in flight.
  • To spread awareness of any emergency or they can manage, to spread any health message, general or public message.
  • Online text messaging service is used for announcing any special offers or discounts in restaurants, parlors, and shopping malls like“Announcing Buy 1 Get 1 free” etc.

Now let’s talk about the benefit of bulk text messaging service;

How Bulk Messaging is Beneficial?


The bulk text messaging expands in various types, so each type is effective for marketing purpose according to its criteria, they are following;

  • ROI:

“Return on Investment” is used for measuring the total profit one gains by personal financial decision; this application is used in bulk messaging to compare a profit of company with total investment. The formula of ROI is ROI= (Net Profit/ Cost of Investment) x 100

It is very beneficial as it enables consumers to directly target their audience with a custom-made message for just a few cents per contact.

  • Speed:

Bulk messaging is beneficial in terms of speed in the sense that at any situation whether emergency or hot news of any gazette holiday, sad or good news even from your bank or any alert, the speed of sending SMS to its target customers is very fast and rapid. In other words, the customers are informed about status-quo within seconds.

  • Personalization:

No matter how many your customers are, you can send around 1000 messages together at a same time in customized way, you don’t need to make a code.

  • It works best when:

First, it works like an icing on the cake for promotion of events at a physical location, or any other campaign through traditional media (TV, radio, or print). For instance,“ABC” has just launched its latest winter arrival 2015, offering 50% discount on opening of boutique from 5th-7th Nov, don’t miss this golden opportunity”

If the audience gets motivated by message, then it works fast in enhancing growth of mobile databases.

11/25/2015 3:45:53 PM

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