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Get More Customers in Your Restaurant via Business Text Messaging Service

For restaurant business, repetition of customers is a must. To keep the business going on, the most you can do is to encourage previous guests to visit again rather than investing the money to attract new guests. However, in order to motivate the previous guest, you need to have a proper channel such as business text messaging service. The benefit of using text messaging service is that you cannot only motivate the previous guests to visit again, but also target potential guests to visit the restaurant. Via text message marketing, you can let the restaurant to approach fresh customers, especially when you need them the most.

How to Benefit from Business Text Messaging Services

Offers and Discounts

With business text messaging service, you can drive potential and regular customer traffic whenever you want. You can send bulk SMS with offers or promotional text that excites the users to avail it. You can make either day based offers such as a Super Sunday offer, or weekly offers such as Weekend offer. You can also create seasonal offers such as Christmas offer, Buy two and get one free.

Special Menu or New Entry in Menu

It’s good to keep your customers updated about the special menu or a new entry in the menu. You can send text messages to all your registered customers or unregistered customers to try out your new flavor or new dishes. Different restaurant such as Dominos and Pizza Hut send special menu SMS to its customers to keep them informed about the newest thing in the restaurant.

Arrange Contest or Quiz offers

You can send bulk Sms online to your customers and ask them to participate in the contest or quiz to win a free food or a meal deal. It can be like buy one get one free offer as well. The main purpose should be keeping the customers engaged and keep them having again and again in the restaurant.

Regular News and Updates

today’s customers love to have an update in their phones. If there is any change in the location, or new event going on, or a new sponsorship program, you can send the bulk SMS to your customers. You can also encourage them to be in touch on the social media.

New Event or any Change in Location

If there is any new opening of a franchise, you can send bulk SMS to your customers to inform them about the giveaway special offer.

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