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How to evoke the sense of action in customers?


Gone are the days when people used to contact others via telephone, and email system for an official use. Since the technology is taking out its wings in giant strides, multiple  ways of communication have been developed among one of which is text messaging service, which in short is known as SMS (short messaging service). Do you know how much amount of messages folks exchange each day? You won’t believe, it is 3.5 billion inclusive of messages received& send from all over the world. Yes, really a huge amount. According to the current trend of communication, mobile phones expand in multiple categories and types in the wake of which online SMS service has become more demanding than sending emails or faxes to approach directly with business partners and close ones.

The strongest highlighting feature of texting messages is we don’t have to depend on emails and landline numbers as we’re now able to stay in contact with others via texting that saves balance more than calling.  Hardly 1% of people would be living in an age of counting on emails in a current eon. Perhaps this is the reason that all levels of business sectors whether they’re running on the domestic scale, medium, or high-scale– branded big organizations, prefer online texting service to stay in touch with their customers, consumers, business partners, and other ones than mailing to approach them directly.

The basic concept of an online texting was actually coined to bring the business organizations like B2B and B2C a convenient platform to deepen their relationship with their costumers and consumers by keeping them update through messages twice or thrice a month to keep them updated with status-quo of shopping trends, latest deals, current announcement, and other interesting offers. The brighter side of texting is consumers get into contact with their consumers directly, and thus enhance their clientele. The darker side of texting is it becomes annoying sometimes when the consumers exceed their limit.

If business sectors are not getting enough response of their texting service as they should get, it is likely possible in two ways; first, sending excessive sale offer messages. Second, the style of their writing message is maybe not helping customers in arousing their sense of action. Following are the few suggestions how and when to send online texting. Let’s take a look;

  • Try to use texting in a slight personalized and relevant tone to make it appealing by offering a discount, new sale, and interesting deal as it’ll create a customer loyalty channel to make the repeat sales.
  • Do not send texts to your customers for more than 2-4 times, access of reminding of your deals can annoy your customers.
  • Let’s suppose you run any fast food restaurant, then perfect time to contact your customer is text them around 5:00 pm for dinner in a way“Hot burger deal with an amazing discount
  • If you run a baby shop, text“Do not forget to cover your toddler this breezy winter with our latest winter stock” in the morning, then people after work will take a time to visit your shop.

Be creative while typing a text and make it fun for readers, at the same time be honest with your business image.

2/8/2016 4:03:21 PM

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