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Text Messages Online, A Magic That Connects Reality


Who says magic does not exist in our world? And is only confined to magical movies or is an element of fiction or confined to books? Some says that magic, basically is the trick of the mind like shown on the stage magical shows or programs. Well in that case they are mind tricks and not actual magic, like we all know that the famous rabbit and hat trick performed by magician up till now is done by having an extra compartment beneath the base of the hat which appears to be empty on the upper side but actually has a rabbit.

However, I still say that there is still an element of magic, that we all know but we do not take it as a magic. This is because from our childhood we are made familiar with the concept of magic being performed by magician or by witches and wizards. Like shown in the famous movies Harry potter with a wand and in Enchanted by an evil witched or by a good fairy godmother in Cinderella but I say that in our world there is also a presence of magic which we all do not take or accept as magic. This is because of the fact that we brought up in ways where logic is given more importance, that is we all believe that things exist because of reasons and logics therefore we do not see that there is magic in our world but our mind does not have the capacity to accept it as magic.

After the invention of cell phones, computer and many other related inventions we are able to send and receive text messages online without any restriction unless we violate rules, so have you ever wondered how these things exist and why are not these things regarded as magic. Okay if we see on technical and logical terms we know that we are liable to these text message services only because of the telecommunication industries but why should one look on the technical side and disregard it as magic, that is why should only the things performed with wands can be regarded as magic. We don’t see their technical sides as in there has to be science behind a spell or something as they are used for different things, like for lifting things there are other spells and for dropping down other hence they have their technicalities but apart from that they regard it as magic so why can’t we? Isn’t it magic enough that a person saying miles apart receives our SMS text messages as soon as we push the send button? It hardly takes a fraction of a second for a message to be received at its destination. Therefore, I believe that it this is not regarded as magic than nothing in this world can be regarded as magic and one only has to learn to believe that there exist a reality beyond our understanding which can be regarded as magic.

1/11/2016 12:31:05 PM

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