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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: What is a text message (SMS)? TOP^

SMS is the abbreviation of “Short Message Service”, and is similar to a text message, TXT, text, etc. A text message (SMS) is a short message that can be sent to & received from a cell phone or computer.

Q2: Can I send group/bulk text messages from my IMsgExpert account? TOP^

Yes! This is one of the few reasons we made IMsgExpert. You can easily create and categorize your contacts into lists or group and send them messages at one fell swoop.

Q3: Do I get charged for incoming text messages as well? TOP^

No, you do not need to pay for the incoming messages.

Q4: Can I get replies to the group messages that I am sending? TOP^

Yes. You can receive all your replies in your IMsgExpert inbox.

Q5: Can I send messages individually to a contact? TOP^

Yes. Rather than selecting a group of contacts, you can select a single contact while composing your message.

Q6: How long can my message be? TOP^

SMS messages are confined to 160 characters. This includes spaces, symbols, numbers, and punctuation.

Q7: How long will my message take to get delivered? TOP^

Messages are usually delivered to the destined contact number within a few seconds to minutes. During peak hours, they can be delivered after a short delay. Please take this into consideration that additional delays may occur when the receiver's phone is switched off or is not in the coverage area. In such a case, the carrier will try to deliver your message for around 72 hours.

Q8: Who owns my data? TOP^

Your data is under your ownership only. We will never reach the contacts in your account, nor sell, lend or use your personal identification information without your consent.

Q9: Where do you store my data? TOP^

When you create an IMsgExpert account, we save your data on our secure database server. Nobody can access your data (that is, your personal details & your contacts).

Q10: What if I want to share my information to someone? TOP^

If you want to share the data stored in your account with anyone else, you need to provide them with your account details and login information.

Q11: How do I manage my funds? TOP^

You can manage your funds online. All you need to do is to Log in to your account and click on "My Funds”. Here, you can add, edit or delete your funds easily. You can also contact our customer support team if you encounter any problem.

Q12: Do I need to have any technical knowledge/skills? TOP^

No! IMsgExpert offers a streamlined messaging process. You do not need to be a techie to use our services. It is as easy as sending a message from your phone. If you still run into problems, contact our customer support team to assist you.

Q13: What is a sender ID? TOP^

On client Panel, you have a section named Sender ID. If you want to display your brand name instead of your own contact number, then you can set your Sender ID. The users will see your ID as the sender’s information on receiving your messages.

Q14: What do I need to use IMsgExpert? TOP^

All you need to use our services is a computer, tablet or internet-enabled device along with a working Internet connect. Our solutions are web-based, so you do not have to download anything. You can make use of a Mac, a Windows system, or any other computer, IMsgExpert will work perfectly on any system.

Q15: What if I want to use ImsgExpert on the go? TOP^

You can access the website via your smartphone or you can download our app from Playstore.

Q16: Will you send promotional messages to my contacts? TOP^

No. Since we do not access your contacts, therefore we will never send messages of any sort (including promotions and advertising) to your contacts.

Q17: Are my contacts secure at IMsgExpert? How do you secure my privacy? TOP^

Your contact list is kept in strict confidentiality. None of the contacts in your account is shared, rented, or sold to any third parties. Data (which includes your contacts) stored in your account belongs to you solely.

Q18: When does my account expire? TOP^

User accounts at IMsgExperts will expire only if you have not used your account for more than a year. To reactivate your account, you can call our customer support team.

Q19: Why I need to give my phone number at the time of registering at IMsgeExpert? TOP^

We ask you for your contact number due to some security reasons. It is important for us to confirm your identity, and verify that the number you have provided is your own.

Q20: What if I forget my password? TOP^

You need to click at “Forget password?”, enter your email address. A verification email will be sent to your email account with a reactivation link. Usually the verification email takes a few minutes to be delivered to the user’s account, but in case you do not get any mail from us, then you can click on “Didn’t get the email” and it will be resent to your account.

Q21: Can I Upload my contacts? TOP^

Yes! If you want to prevent the inconvenience of saving every contact manually one by one, you can import a whole list of contacts to easily save all contacts in one go.

Q22: How do I upload my contacts? TOP^

You may upload your contacts in any of two formats: xls and xlsx

Q23: How can I unsubscribe from receiving E-mails from IMsgExpert? TOP^

To unsubscribe from IMsgExpert’s marketing E-mails or promotions, click on the "UNSUBSCRIBE" link that is provided below in the E-mails you get. We will eliminate your information out of our subscriber list. You will, however, keep on receiving E-mails that are regarding your account activity to prevent unauthorized use of your account.

Q24: How can I check my balance? TOP^

You can check your balance by logging in to your account (either through your Smartphone or your PC). Your credit will be clearly displayed on the client panel along with the number of messages received and sent.

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