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IMsg Expert Features

I Msg Expert, for utmost ease of use, provides you a number of features for sending and receiving messages. Once you get registered on I Msg Expert platform, you can get access to all of them.

Lets have a look at them:

My Profile

The “my profile” feature at IMsgExpert allows you to update your profile anytime you want at the very instant. You can change the email address and contact number as well along with other details.

My Funds

Manage your funds in just a few clicks! We help you specify the payment option you want to choose for adding credit to your account. You can also keep the records of the funds, edit or delete them whenever you want.

My Contacts

Add your contacts the way you want, whether individually or in groups. Grouping up your contacts let to relish with bulk messaging.

Export Contacts. Message an opted-in contact list! Upload a spreadsheet comprising of the contacts you want to save and get all the numbers saved in your contact list automatically. You may also sort, categorize and update your list of contacts.

My Groups

Create and manage groups was never so easy before. Message hundreds of contacts at one fell swoop with no wastage of extra effort or time. Enlighten your customers about an offer, staff about the latest product launch or friends about the next get-together. This is the best feature for companies that want to run message campaigns, or individual wanting to be in contact with their bunch of friends living abroad. You can also delete the groups that are no longer important.

Sender ID

If you are using the bulk messaging service on the behalf of your company or a brand name, then you can message herds of targeted contacts without disclosing your number by using the sender ID feature.

Furthermore, you can also make multiple sender IDs to message your contacts. Companies that are having many brands under a single hood can leverage this feature. Please keep in mind that the Sender ID needs to be it in alphabets from A to Z. You can not use numbers in your ID.

My Messages

With IMsgExpert, messaging is a walkover! Create your message and send it to a single contact or a whole group in  a snap.

Scheduling. Need to message your recipient next week, but know what’ll say already? Need to send a birthday wish on time to someone living several borders far on the other side of the globe? You can also schedule your messages to any date or time.

Drip campaign. Want to run a message campaign on a specific time? I Msg Expert gives you scheduling feature for that by which you can send the specific text to a multitude of contacts in one go and at scheduled times.

Inbox. Sending message is not the only thing I Msg Expert does. People can also reply you or send messages to your number that will be stored in your inbox.

Message Templates & Favorites. You can also save favorite text messages that you want to use later as “favorites”. When you want to use any of the message that is saved as Favorite, just select it and we'll load it directly into the compose message page. Modifications can also be done in the message format and content, each time you are using it.

Record keeping & Sorting. In the my messages page, there is a section that displays all the messages compartmentalized in folders, naming inbox, draft, favorites, schedule, outbox, and sent folder.

Check Balance & Track Message

You do not need to do anything to check your balance every time after the message, it will be displayed on the panel. Besides this, it also shows the number of messages sent or received.

Mobile Apps

Want to log in to your I Msg Expert account while on the go? The fastest and easiest way to manage your I Msg Expert account on the move is with our feature-rich mobile app - available for iOS and Android operating  systems.

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