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Term and Conditions

Thank you for visiting our Website at"Site"). This agreement has its application to the (Website or Site). Use and access to the Site, and the common carrier services explained below (the “Services”), are under these terms and conditions along with our Privacy Policy.

We, iMsgExpert reserves the right to modify these Terms now and then. Any modifications to these Terms will be published on this website. You admit your responsibility to evaluate these Terms periodically and to understand any such modifications. By continuing your usage of any of the Sites or Services after the company has posted any such modifications, you accept these Terms, as amended. By using the Website or our Services, you acknowledge and agree to these Terms and verify that you have checked these Terms and you have reached the age of 18 or above.


The Services

Services described on the iMsgExpert Website may or may not be offered in all countries or areas of the globe, may be accessible under different trademarks in various countries and, where appropriate, may be accepted or cleared by a government regulative entity for sale or use with various indications and restrictions in numerous countries. You accept using the iMsgExpert Services compliant with all applicable guidelines in addition to all federal and state laws that the Services are dependent on.

iMsgExpert shall make all practical attempts to assure continuous and nonstop use of the Services, yet the delivery of messages is largely contingent upon the effective functioning of the cellular networks under the supervision of Network Operators, the network coverage as well as the SMS recipient's cell phone. iMsgExpert does not and cannot assure the accessibility of any Service, the message delivery or the compatibility of any message or content format to any particular mobile handsets or the phone operating systems.

Network Operators may revise, amend, develop or discontinue certain components of their services at whatever time with no prior notice, in which event iMsgExpert shall be allowed to revise, amend, develop or stop affected Services to Users with no prior notice.

iMsgExpert shall use its practical attempts to provide the User with beforehand notice of any modification, deferral or termination of the Services and shall try to minimize the suspension periods thereof in until now as this is reasonably practicable.

Data Policy

Your data is safe with us. We’ll never rent or sell any personal information such as email or contact number, to third parties. After creating your active account with us, we’ll start sending you E-mails regarding your account, our special promotions or new feature updates.

Intellectual Property Rights

All trademarks, copyright, patents & various other intellectual property rights or content (including without limitation software, data, photographs, symbols, artwork applications, information, text, videos, graphics, music, sound, logos, and other material or moving imagery) comprised in or accessible through our Services (“Content”) is either possessed by iMsgExpert or has been licensed to iMsgExpert by the lawful owner(s) for use as component of the iMsgExpert Services. All rights are explicitly reserved. Moreover, iMsgExpert reserves the right to remove any materials published to the Website in its sole discretion.

Unauthorized Use Of Account

If you realize that someone has been using your website without your consent you must notify us right away so that we can suspend the Account. You are accountable for all charges to the Account of yours until it has been suspended. We reserve the right to change your account name and Password whenever we like in our sole discretion.

Username & Password

You give your consent to providing true, accurate, current and whole information when registering for iMsgExpert, as well as any extra information provided or any rectifications done by you. While signing up on the Site you will select a password (“Password”) of your choice that will be required for access to and using your account. We suggest you not to disclose this password to anyone, as you will be accountable for all actions that come to pass because of access to or use of our Services through your Account whether you were responsible for it or a third party using your Account.

No illegitimate or illegal Use

You explicitly acknowledge and agree to use our services solely for lawful purposes and you may not, without restriction (a) stop or check, harm or transform any communication that is not meant for you, (b) send any unwanted commercial communication not acceptable by applicable law, (c) make use of our Services in any fraudulent way, (d) reveal any third party to material that is offensive, harmful to minors, licentious or otherwise obnoxious.

Data Protection & Privacy

In order to make sure of your abidance by these Terms and to make certain that IMsgExpert complies with national and international practices of law, we may, periodically, every which way check your sent messages. Nonetheless, we are devoted to guarding the privacy of your information, consistent with our Privacy Policy. Except as otherwise necessary for your use of our Services as reflected here, iMsgExpert does not want you to, & you should not, deliver any confidential or proprietary details to iMsgExpert via our Sites or the email addresses cited on the our Sites.

You further have this in mind that iMsgExpert does not want you to, & you guarantee that you shall not, offer any information or materials to iMsgExpert that is slanderous, threatening, abhorrent, troublesome, or otherwise illegitimate, or that is comprised of the proprietary material of another.

No Warranty; Limitation of Liability

IMsgExpert can modify, suspend, or suspend our offerings at any time because of any reason without notifying earlier. Moreover, while we make use of electronic and physical security to lessen the risk of illegitimate access to or manipulation of your data throughout communication and storage, it cannot assure the security or reliability of the data and will have no liability for infringement of security or integrity or an external interception in communication, nor for any damage that may occur and affect your computer or other possessions by your usage of the IMsgExpert Site or Services.

You accept that text messages are unencrypted and that snooping of communications by the third parties can be done. IMsgExpert suggests that you assure sensitive and valuable information is passed on by a protected and/or encrypted way.

IMsgExpert shall use commercially practical endeavors to make our Services accessed by the required access protocols, but does not guarantee that

  1. Our services will be available at any specified time;
  2. You will be capable of accessing the Services at any specified time or from a certain location.

IMsgExpert will not be responsible for any act or deletion of any other company rendering a portion of the Services— that includes, without limitation, communications carriers– or by any act or deletion of a third party, which includes those vendors taking part in iMsgExpert offerings made to you, or for damages that occur from the operation of the customer-provided systems, equipment, services or facilities that are interlinked with the Service.

User Warranties; Indemnification

You give warrantee & represent to iMsgExpert that you reserve all adequate rights, power, and authority to accepting these Terms and complete your responsibilities hereunder, and nothing incorporated in these Terms or in performing such obligations will pose you in violatation of any other contract or obligation. You also warrant and represent that you’re and shall continually remain in full abidance by all applicable laws, rules & regulations regarding your use of the iMsgExpert Sites and Services, including with no limitation to the Telemarketing Sales Rule, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and different other rules and law practices about privacy, Internet marketing, and telemarketing.

You give consent to indemnify and hold harmless iMsgExpert and its affiliates and all of their respective staff, including directors, shareholders, employees, agents, contractors, content providers, representatives, and service providers, from & against any and all losings, claims, obligations, damages, settlements, liabilities, costs and disbursals (including, but not confined to, significant damages, incidental damages, special indemnity, expenses and attorneys’ fees, whicg includes attorneys’ fees received from counsel selected by iMsgExpert in its sole discretion) occuring from or concerning any actual or endangered suit, action, claim, governmental investigation, proceeding or enforcement action depending upon or occurring from: (i) your violation of the above guarantees; or (ii) any usage by you, or a computer or account under your possession, of the iMsgExpert Sites or Services.

You accept that you will cooperate as fully as reasonably necessary in the protection of any claim, action, proceeding, suit, enforcement action or governmental investigation, but we hold the right, at your expense, for assuming the exclusive defense and supervising any matter in which you appear as a named party and that is other than subject to indemnification from your part. You acknowledge and accept being liable for any and all  the harms caused to iMsgExpert by you as a direct outcome of a violation of local, national or international laws, including but are not confined to such damages that may be resulted from your deceptive, intentional or unintentional harm, impairment, illegitimate use of, or devastation to any and all licensing and/or services granted by iMsgExpert to you.

Termination, Annulment and/or Suspension

Whenever you breach these Terms, iMsgExpert may elect to terminate, freeze, and/or annul your usage of the Services and/or retrieve any impairments from you resulting from the event(s) causing to the suspension, cancellation, or termination. We can suspend the Services any time for any reason we may consider important to continue to render our Services in such a way that may be delayed by your status as our client, your financial standing or the content of  your messages.

Upon any such termination, annulment, and/or deferral, you are still accountable for any obligations then ensued. Your obligation to pay the amounts accrued and billed by you shall continue even after the cancellation or deferral of your access to our Services (completely or partially). Upon termination, for any grounds, you agree to immediately stop using the Services and iMsgExpert won’t have an obligation to you after the cancellation or termination of these Terms.

The provisions concerning ownership, payments, warranties, and indemnifications will survive any termination, suspension, or cancellation of your usage of the Services or iMsgExpert Sites.

Termination by the User

Users can terminate the use of our Services whenever they like, and for any reason. However, unless because of a breach purely by iMsgExpert that it fails to bring around within thirty (30) days of the receipt of your notice, iMsgExpert won’t be obligated to repay to you the value of any unused credits that you have purchased previously.

Links to other Websites

The iMsgExpert Sites may contain links to the third party websites. Such links are provided purely for better convenience. We are not liable for the content of third-party links and does not guarantee the content or precision of materials on these links. If you decide to access the links of third-party websites, you should be doing so at your own risk.

iMsgExpert cannot assure that any products or services purchased from a third party website linked at will meet your expectations, since these websites are not under our possession. iMsgExpert does not approve any products/services, nor confirms the accuracy or trustworthiness of any of the information provided on such third party websites.

We do not represent or warranties as to the protection of any information (including, credit card and other sensitive or personal information) you might be asking for providing to any third party, and you herewith irretrievably relinquish any claim against us regarding such websites. iMsgExpert strongly recommends you to do investigation that you feel is necessary or appropriate before doing online or off-line transaction with sthese third parties.

Security Rules

You are proscribed from breaching or attempting to breach the security of the iMsgeExpert websites and Services and from using our Sites and Services to transgress the security of other websites in any way, including, without limitation:

    (a) using or accessing data not destined for you or logging unauthorizedly into the server or account to access;

    (b) trying to examine, scan or test a system’s or network’s vulnerability or to voilate security or authentication ways without proper authorization;

    (c) trying to intervene with service to any of our user, by submitting a virus to our Sites, overloading, “flooding,” “mailbombing,” “spamming,” or “crashing”;

    (d) sending unwanted e-mail, including promotions and/or marketing of brands; or

    (e) Falsifying any of our packet headers in instant message, or group posting. Infringements of system or network security resulting in civil or criminal liability. iMsgeExpert may look into violations of these Terms, & may imply and cooperate with the law enforcement bodies in impeaching users of the our Sites who are involved in these violations.


The letdown of either party to implement in any event, any right provided for here will not be held as a waiver of any additional rights hereunder. In any action or proceeding for enforcing rights under these Terms, iMsgExpert will be allowed to retrieve costs and attorneys' fees when it substantially prevails.

Notification of Changes

The Company holds the right to alter these conditions whenever it find this necessary. You should check for the changes now and then, as your continued use of the website will signify your credence of any modification to these terms. If there are any changes in our privacy policy, we may notify about these changes on our home page of our site.

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